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November 10, 2006

Office Headaches

There have been way too many times when I’ve been at work in front of the computer with a deadline fast approaching and begin to feel the pangs of a tension headache. For many technology professionals, eyestrain, headaches and other stress related symptoms are all too often part of daily work life. In an attempt to eliminate the pain, we go to the medicine cabinet at work to reach in for a pack of aspirin to find that the cupboard is bare. What’s a person to do? Well we found some quirky “office remedies” that are believed to relieve your headache in The Office Cure for the Common Headache by Monster.

          Hydrate with Electrolytes: Electrolytes that are in sports drinks and other beverages combat stress headaches brought about by tension and dehydration. If you can’t get a sports drink, try to drink lots of water.

           Try a Caffeine Boost: This is a tricky one. If you are a regular coffee or tea drinker, you might be suffering from caffeine withdrawal. If so, a little caffeine might do the trick; don’t overdo it though or you might worsen your condition – especially if you are not used to drinking coffee.

           Bathroom-Sink Remedy: This one definitely sounds crazy to me, but many claim that it works. Fill a bathroom sink with the hottest water you can stand. Place your hands in the water. As the water cools, replace it with more hot water. Keep your hands in the hot water for a few minutes. The idea behind this is that blood rushes to the hands and away from your head, thereby relieving the headache.

To find these and other remedies go to Associated Content.

Posted by Stacey A.

November 01, 2006

Working Remotely, Safely

Telecommuting is becoming a priority to the modern workforce.  Our previous blog post  shows that employers are finally implementing this trend, but one major obstacle with telecommuting makes IT folks cringe, security. 

Cisco and Insight Express recently conducted a survey polling 1,000 remote workers globally and found that people working remotely often hijack unknown wireless networks, share computers with outsiders and open email from unknown senders.

To maximize the value of teleworking, think twice before you open an attachment from a strange eMail address or log onto your next door neighbor’s wireless network.  By being cognizant of the risks associated with these dangerous behaviors, telecommuters can retain the privilege employers are finally catching onto. 

Posted by Christy H.