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October 09, 2008

Yoh Featured on Cheezhead

Vanessa over at Cheezhead did a quick write-up of our new Facebook page yesterday. Thanks Vanessa!

Posted by Bill L.

March 02, 2007

STOP - Don’t Upload That Photo!

Recently, we blogged about online networks and how they can be a useful tool to network and possibly search for job opportunities. While the Internet and social networking can be helpful, beware of what you upload/post out there on the Web.

Case in point: According to a recent New York Daily News article, by the time “Sylvia’s” interview day arrived, her destiny had been determined. When her interviewer “Googled” her name, she found drunken pictures, inappropriate language and other items that demonstrated Sylvia’s severe lack of maturity. Needless to say, she did not receive a job offer following her interview.

With the rise of user-generated media and content, more and more employers are using the Web as a tool to get an inside look at the people they might consider hiring. The Boston Globe recently cited an ExecuNet survey that stated nearly 77 percent of recruiters said that they used search engines to check out candidates in 2006, and 35 percent have eliminated a candidate because of what they saw online. And, hiring managers are doing the same thing.

To avoid falling prey to Career Googling, always think twice before posting something on the Internet or commenting on someone’s blog. Due to cached pages and other blogs that cut and paste from other sites, things are not easy to delete once they’re out there. Make sure to conduct a search of yourself frequently. Simply type your name into a few major search engines and see what pops up. Clean up your Internet presence by hiding old scandalous content through posting industry-related comments on blogs like ours or message boards. Also, if you have your own blog, log on and read through your old entries to make sure nothing could make you look bad to a prospective employer. Gather more helpful tips from our previous blog post on Tech Résumé Tips

Posted by Michele B.

October 13, 2006

Biz Blogging

The Recruiter is all about the technology workforce, but today, I’m going to blog about blogging.  The whole concept of corporate blogging is still pretty new.  New to companies, and new to me.  Blogs are supposed to be an open exchange between blogger and cyberspace.  Getting corporate America to buy into this concept can be challenging.  Any communication in a company must jump through dozens of hoops to get the seal of approval. 

Blogging rebels against the canned statements that companies are issuing with their publics.  At Yoh, our blog is only thriving because our executives here understand that in order for our blog to have timeliness, the standard communication approval process just doesn’t apply.  Also, we’ve been allowed to inject our personality in our posts.  My posts are written the way I would write an eMail to a friend, not the way I would write copy for an ad.  This free exchange of ideas is a little dangerous but a good thing.  Yes, an employee could blog and potentially create a negative perception of the company but there are many other situations where more damage could be done.  Companies can really make their blog a part of their entire communication plan.

Blogs also are helping companies attract new talent by creating a real brand for that employer.  In our industry, this is key.  Blogging can be important in recruiting potential employees by allowing them to interact with current employees and customers on the site.  They get a snapshot of what are top issues, priorities and concerns for a specific company.  This experience paints a vibrant picture of what it may be like to work for a potential employer. 

With CIOs top concern this year focused on attracting, developing, and retaining IT talent (based on a recent survey by SIM, Society for Information Management), information found on a company blog may sway a candidate to choose your company over the competition.

Blogging holds unlimited opportunities for companies (in my humble opinion), but first corporations must step out of their comfort zone, and let the blog be the living, breathing beast that it is, not just another company website full of corporate blah blah.

Posted by Christy H.