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December 08, 2008

Behind the Scenes of a Layoff

At some point during the span of your professional life, you will probably be laid off. Whether for economic reasons or for being on the wrong end of a corporate tug-of-war, almost everyone loses a job through no fault of their own during the course of their career.

CNET News posted a great article exploring the layoff process in a tech company, which is especially relevant now that the United States is officially in a recession. The anonymous chief executive of a Web 2.0 company reveals the difficulties in balancing financial health and employee well-being.

Most interesting is the discussion of the “proper” method to lay off a worker. The CEO suggests a goodbye gathering to acknowledge the departing employees’ services to the company, and that a company makes a reasonable effort to help the newly unemployed find work.

But how many of you out there have actually experienced such generous behavior? Many laid-off employees are often swept under the rug in secret, creating a negative buzz that sweeps through an office. I’m interested to hear your worst layoff story, and what you would have done differently if the tables were turned.

Posted by Bill L.

How to Find a Tech Job in a Recession

CBS 3 in Philadelphia recently aired a great story about Yoh and what we can do to help IT workers find a job in an oppressive economic environment. Besides advising job seekers to stay positive and focused, technology reporter Stephanie Abrams offers some unique places to find job hunting advice.

Watch the video and take the first step towards finding a job and getting back on your feet.

Posted by Amy D.

December 05, 2008

Web 2.0 and You

Everybody loves throwing around the term Web 2.0, arguably the Internet buzzword of the decade. However, many modern professionals only have a vague understanding of what it means, or no idea at all. Let’s quickly shed some light on this trend, and what it means to you.

“Web 2.0” was coined by Tim O’Reilly, founder of tech media company O’Reilly Media, to describe a shift on the Internet toward an emphasis on user-generated content and online communities. Wikipedia and YouTube are made solely of content written and uploaded by their users. Online communities like Facebook and Twitter exist to connect users to one another through text, video and photos.

Facebook was created as a tool for college students to connect with friends but quickly expanded to other demographics. It’s a common misconception that mostly teenagers and college students use Facebook, since more than half of Facebook users are outside of college and the fastest growing demographic is users 25 and older. Don’t underestimate Web 2.0’s very grown-up potential for profitability either: YouTube became so incredibly popular that Google bought the company in 2006 for $1.65 billion.

Social networking tools as a whole were generally thought of as friend trackers and dating sites until savvy companies began to use them for business purposes. Facebook and Twitter have become a boon to recruiters, who canvas the communities, building relationships and engaging candidates.

There’s absolutely no excuse to not have at least a Facebook profile online and kept up to date. If you’re a job seeker in the current market, you must be “plugged in” with the community to stay current and connected. The job hunt has changed, and an old cliché contains a kernel of truth: It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.

Posted by Bill L.

December 02, 2008

IT Employment Remains at Record Level

Employment may be down in general, but hiring in the IT sector has hit an all-time high. This is great news for IT workers with specific in-demand skills, like SAP experience.

According to the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB), IT employment reached a record high of 3,925,600 in September. The broader job market lost 159,000 jobs in September alone, but skilled IT professionals haven’t had much to worry about.

However, what impact will the decline of tech wages, discussed in several recent posts here at The Recruiter, have on workers? It may be easy to find work in IT, but what if you aren’t making nearly as much as you used to? People are having to make difficult choices nowadays, but remember that 2009, and possible greener pastures, are only a few weeks away.

Check out the NACCB’s press release for more information.

Posted by Roseanne D.