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December 02, 2008

IT Employment Remains at Record Level

Employment may be down in general, but hiring in the IT sector has hit an all-time high. This is great news for IT workers with specific in-demand skills, like SAP experience.

According to the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB), IT employment reached a record high of 3,925,600 in September. The broader job market lost 159,000 jobs in September alone, but skilled IT professionals haven’t had much to worry about.

However, what impact will the decline of tech wages, discussed in several recent posts here at The Recruiter, have on workers? It may be easy to find work in IT, but what if you aren’t making nearly as much as you used to? People are having to make difficult choices nowadays, but remember that 2009, and possible greener pastures, are only a few weeks away.

Check out the NACCB’s press release for more information.

Posted by Roseanne D.



If you look at the new methodology used to collect unemployment data, you would realize the deliberate falsification of information is used to justify importing hundreds of thousands of lower wage workers.

The reality is, when you import a large number of low cost labor into any field you depress wages, and discourage future workers.


Thanks for your thoughts, Tom. While I’m not familiar with this falsification that you mention, it’s been documented that the demand for high-impact tech workers is so high right now that there is an extreme shortage of talent among interested companies.

David Morris

I am a corporate technical recruiter for an Alabama based publishing services company with an IT staff of over 500 people and I am here to tell you that there is a boom and there are not enough skilled technology candidates at this time to fill open positions, especially positions that are really specialized. I am not a fan of bringing in unskilled labor wither but that is NOT what is happening in IT. Companies have to use contract employees for a number of reasons, the least of them being cost benefits (most cost as much or more than an employee)
If the immigration bill gets passed, especially the way John McCain wrote it, the number of skilled H-1 B visa's would go down from about 400,000 per year to 250,000 and the number of unskilled visa's would skyrocket from 100,000 to over 1,000,000. The area that is getting hurt the most is skilled labor like construction. You have skilled Mexican workers coming here to Birmingham and being true immigrants, Legal or not, they will work as many jobs as they can fit into 24 hours, no matter how demeaning, they work as many hours as they can get, in any weather, under any circumstances, for less money. So what has happened here is that they are infiltrating higher level skilled labor, framing houses, stone work, construction laborer ect. I am NOT advocating for them and I am on this tangent only to show that there is a big difference
H-1 B visas serve a purpose because we in America are not going into high tech careers. We rank 10th in the world in math scores and we are doing nothing in our education systems to fix it. It starts with the Parents on down. You do not need a college degree to be a developer so that is no excuse. I think it is all about drive. We, as a society do not have the drive that the Far East and especially India has. We as a society do not push our children to excel, we want everyone to win and have our standards be based on the least of the class not the best. I know this for fact because I have been fighting my children’s school to improve the education my kids are getting.


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Account Deleted

Ya you are right... its really a great news for IT Employees that IT sector has hit an all-time high.
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